Magnetic drums and bands


Magnetic drums

Magnetic drums select the steel waste from the vertical flow of materials. Its advantage is that the selection and transport are continuous and its installation height is low. It can be installed either as the driving drum of the conveyor belt. We produce it according to individual demands and sizes.

Magnetic bands

Magnetic bands are mainly used in waste and raw material processing. Instalments can vary according to individual claims but they are usually installed above a conveyor belt. Unlike the block magnets the iron pieces "caught" are continuously transported from the magnet by the rubber belt and by this it cleans the magnet so it is able to lift a higher amount of iron out of the transported material. The choice of magnetic band depends on the transported material, the thickness of the layer, the width of the belt and the speed of transport.
It can be built in longitudinal direction or across depending on the technological possibilities.

Electro-magnetic band

Above 400mm height we recommend the installation of electro-magnetic band. Its operational theory is the same as the belt containing permanent magnet, but the magnetic field is generated with electricity not with a permanent magnet. Part of the electricity conducted into the magnet turns into heat which decreases the magnetic field. A cold electric magnet is about 20% more powerful than the heated magnet so the cooling of the magnet is very important for safe operation. To ensure safe heat conduction we use oil cooling magnets which are very effective.

The basic electric control panel is of IP54 protection and its formation makes it possible to direct the magnet on the spot or from a remote control room.

Main fields of use:
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  • Food industry
  • Waste, -glass,-wood- and plastic processing
  • Ceramics industry
  • Paper industry