Circular vibrating screens

Screening machines separate bulk, granular materials into different fractions according to size. They are used by almost all industries. They have a very wide range of applications. Our machines are suitable for both dry and wet material screening.

Safe construction

The frame structure consists of two curved side walls and the cross-ties. It is supported at 4 points by spring units which have a dual role: on the one hand, to provide support; on the other hand, as an element of the suspension system, they also influence the value of the vibration characteristics. The angle of inclination of the screen planes in relation to the horizontal is 12-18 degrees.

Adjustable screeing performance

For circular vibrating sieves, the intensity of the vibration is freely adjustable according to the mass ratio of the sieve box and the sieve weights. The movement is made in a circular motion. The speed and amplitude of oscillation can be adjusted according to the desired sieving task.

WS screens in standard and custom sizes

Our WS type screens are available with one, two, three or four planes. In addition to standard machines, we can also manufacture screeners in custom sizes.

Precise drive

The drive shaft is driven by an asynchronous motor via a cardan shaft. The shaft bearings can be oil or grease lubricated. Only and exclusively SKF bearing units are used for the bearing arrangement of the shafts.

A wide range of screen inserts

We also produce circular (WS), linear (LNR) and vibrating (VS) screens. The machines are always selected according to the task at hand because each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Screen inserts can be made of metal or plastic, are easily replacable, and can be made from fabrics from all known manufacturers.

Proper equipment

The machines require minimal maintenance thanks to their robust and practical design. All necessary construction components are provided with wear protection. Top cover, vibration damping base frame, vibration monitoring, and washing units are optionally available on order, too.

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