Pipe Conveyor

It should be used primarily as a long-distance conveyor belt for longer transport lengths for conveying powdery or bulk materials. Depending on the length of the transport and the load, we use textile or steel cord belts.

Special components for special solutions

The diameter of the "belt tube" ranges typically between 150-500 mm. Depending on the physical and chemical properties of the transported material, the quality of the belt can be abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant or oil and grease-resistant. The required belts are always made on individual order by ContiTech.

Conveyed in space

Unlike the classic conveyor belt the hexagonally arranged rollers form the pipe conveyor belt into a circular shape. Thanks to its circular shape, the structure allows for space-guided material handling, adapting to topographical conditions with relatively little space.

Totally closed transport

The shape of the pipe does not only protect the transported material from external influences, but also ensures a closed transport thus protecting the environment. Typical applications include the transport of cement, gypsum, limestone, coke, clinker and coal.

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