Moving floor unloaders

Equipment suitable for unloading silos and storage bunkers with a rectangular floor area. The hydraulic cylinders move the wedge-shaped grid (ladder) which work with different sequences back and forth.

Hydraulic drive

The advantage of the moving floor with wedge-shaped grid is that it can unload the materials even from the corners. Suitable for moving large quantities. The width of a single wedge can be 1-1.5 m and the maximum length can be up to 15 m. Each ladder works independently, with its own control and hydraulic power supply.

Primarily for power plants

With its simple construction, high availability and low maintenance costs, the equipment offers a reliable solution for heating plants and power plants.

Where high performance matters

Due to its particularly high-performance capacity, it is suitable for quick emptying of trucks with walking floor in the case of bulk materials such as wood chips, sawdust, RDF, shredded foil and plastics.

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