Trommel screens

Trommel screen (drum screen or sieving drum) is a perforated steel drum that rises slightly horizontally, and rotates around its longitudinal axis. The material falls through a chute into the inside of the drum, where it is turned over, and then transported forward by the help of the guide pulley installed in the casing. Parts smaller than the perforation fall out of the drum. The perforation of the drum can be chosen as desired, so the limit of separation can also be varied.

Classification even for several factions

Drum screens usually allow the separation of two fractions. However, it is also possible to separate several fractions at the same time, if the perforation of the drum casing increases with the direction of transport. The structure is completely covered; its drive is direct; the heavy-duty wheels ensure a smooth and quiet ride.

Not just for waste

Areas of application: waste processing, wood processing, pellet and briquette production, compost treatment. We manufacture them for different performances, in different lengths; the perforation of the drum can be chosen optionally.

Dust-free operation

Optionally, it can also be equipped with a dust extraction device, which removes the dust generated in the drum, so that even a completely closed dust-free installation can be realized. Simple design, and it requires little maintenance thanks to its reliable components.

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