5F separator | Multiscreen

The 5F separator combines four devices in a combined separator, which significantly reduces the future area of waste sorters. There is no need for having four individual machines and conveyor belts between them.

Patented product

Difficulties during the development were caused by the fact that each separator influenced the operation of the other, and the cooperation between the different units had to be coordinated precisely.

Innovative solution

The 5F separator was designed primarily for the separation of the 60-200 mm fraction of mixed municipal solid waste. With the 400 mm wide prototype of the separator, we also conducted successful experiments to separate shredded WEEE (electronic waste) samples, so the equipment can be used for other material flows, as well.

Five fractions from one machine

With the new 5F separator, waste can be processed at a more favourable price and with lower specific energy consumption. The equipment can sort the following products: magnetisable metals, non-magnetisable metals (Al, Cu), 3D light materials, 2D materials such as foil and paper, as well as heavy fractions such as stones and wood pieces. The equipment is currently available in two sizes with capacities of 6 t/h and 12 t/h. Electricity requirement: 22 and 30 kW.

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